[NEW] Chords Kunci Gitar Fabolous - Rap & Sex lyrics Lirik Terjemahan Arti Lagu


[Intro: Fabolous] + (woman)
(Where you at?)
You know I’m at the studio man
What you, what you doin’, cord kord chord Fabolous - Rap & Sex lyrics kunci gitar you gon’ come through?
(Yeah I’ma come through, I might rock the mic too) {“C-SICK”}
Haha, I bet (yeah, hahah)

[Chorus: Fabolous]
I just got the lirik terjemahan arti indonesia Fabolous - Rap & Sex lyrics download mp3 crib with the studio
You could say I live at the studio
Shawty come and give at the studio
All I do is rap and sex
niggas see how I was flowin’ on my last cassette, uhh
All I do is rap and sex
niggas see how I was flowin’ on my last cassette, uhh (at the studio) {*3X*}
(All I do is rap and sex
niggas see how I was flowin’ on my last cassette)

[Fabolous] + {woman}
Got a condo with nothin’ but condoms in it, same place where the rhymes were invented
So all I do is rap and sex, imagine how I stroke, see how I was flowin’ on my last cassette
Shawty came through just to hear the mixtape (Soul Tape), ended up starrin’ in a sex tape {ohh!}
With a player from New York no Nicks tape (swish) might need your bitch for my next day (hah!)
I come upstairs then I come get them drawers, come back downstairs then I come up with bars
Shit feels so good chords Fabolous - Rap & Sex lyrics lyrics it might come out tomorrow, beat that shit up, she might come out with scars
I do not lie, I been the truth
If I’m in her box, I say that I’m in the booth
Comin’ up with the headlines, that’s off the top of the head (whoa, whoa)
Heard she nasty on the mic, go for the sloppiest head (whoa, whoa)
Then she gon’ bust that thing wide, I’ma just let that thing ride (whoa, whoa)
{*squeaking*} {Ohh, I’m cumin’!}


No slow jams just street nigga rap, want R&B smooth? Get an R&B dude
Got a Range and a Benz, I make R&B moves but I can call Trey, you in an R&B mood?
And get him, to the, studio, like “Wassup, this Fab
Got a bad bitch with me and she up for grabs”
talkin’ ’bout “Ask him what’s up with this collab?” (huh)
And she waitin’ at the studio
Sign on the door that say “No hatin’ at the studio” (no hatin’)
And I always keep it playa at the studio (real playa)
Every time she ask I say I’m at the studio (nice)
Layin’ somethin’ down (haha) see how I was snappin’ on my last shit (yeah)
Hard start off with the soft flow (feel me?)
then switch it up to some fat shit (feel me? Feel me? Feel me?)
Nigga don’t make me go Volt-a your bitch (Volt, Volt, Volt)
I love this shit but I don’t love your bitch

Rap.. sex {*2X*}
All I do is rap and sex, all I do is rap and sex
All I do is rap and sex…
Pussy got me screamin’, Meek Mill flow (“hoe!”)
Spray it like Mase (“uh-huh”) speak real slow
You with a boss one, Rick Ross grunt (“HUH!”)
Nasty like Nas, +One Mic+ wise (“all I need is one mic”)
+Best I Ever Had+ (“crazy!”) word to Drake
Bustin’ off the grill leadin’ Chiraq, murder rate (“let’s get it!”)
‘Kiss on it (“AH-HEEH~!”) +Excuse My French+ (“haan!”)
Hit the studio, rap and sex


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